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Prostate Fit Program

Prostate Fit is designed specifically to help men prevent, treat and manage prostate health concerns. We first work together to work on your specific issues, but ways to overcome these obstacles.

Prostate Fit has 3 phases and adresses...

Prostate Cancer

BPH/Enlarged Prostate

Prostatitis/Pelvic Pain

Orchitis/Testicular Pain

Penis Pain


Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder pain


Phase 1: Foundation for success

            We develop a strategic plan that is specifically tailored to your needs and personalized to your health issue.

  • Personalized food plan with support specifically for improving prostate disease
  • Fitness plan designed to achieve your fitness, health and weight goals
  • Supplement plan designed to target prostate issues
  • Stress-reduction and Sleep improvement tools to get you a better rest, lower tension and improve your ability to perform mentally and physically
  • Personalized genomic analysis with Opus23 – Prostate disease have strong genetic components and we will uncover yours to get a step ahead of your genetics
  • Traditional Chinese Assessment

Phase 2: Implementation + Accountable = Results

              In this phase we focus on making you accountable and implementation the right tools in getting your prostate issues under control, to get the pain, discomfort and worry under control.

  • Bi-monthly phone call with Dr. Esposito to ensure we are sticking to the plan and making progress. Tweaks and adjustments to your program will be made here.
  • Lifestyle & Symptom diary – You will have a specially designed lifestyle diary and questionnaires to assess progress and improvement.
  • Weekly acupuncture if necessary.

Phase 3: Optimization

            This is your tune up, when we have all cylinders running smoothly and all we need to do is make a few modifcations. We will also work on other goals you may have and fine tune your treatment

  • Chronic illness prevention – Especially Prostate Cancer Prevention
  • Anti-Aging approaches so we can keep you performing and  feeling younger longer.
  • Prevent and avoid relapse

*** Members of Prostate Fit receive exclusive unlimited access to Dr. Esposito via the private Protate Fit Facebook group. Additionally you will receive free tips, recipes, special offers and discounts on Acupuncture packages ***

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