How marijuana steals your manhood

Yes. Marijuana could be sabotaging your manhood. Cannabis is gaining more attention in the media and medical journals along with its legalization. Many people are touting its benefits from pain relief, anti-inflammatory and cancer fighting. But marijuana can be a major cause of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). A study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found […]

It’s all connected – Thyroid, Prostate, Testosterone and Vitamin A.

It’s all connected! Thyroid hormone, Testosterone, Prostate Cancer and Vitamin A. Long Story Short: BCO, the enzyme that makes vitamin A from B-carotene, may also be responsible for making Testosterone. Thyroid hormone controls BCO. Hypothyroid > Slow BCO > Low T > Poor prostate health/Low Libido/Decreased lean muscle A study testing mice found that when […]

Help men…Through their women.

Long Story Short Men ignore their health 48% of men will discuss their health with their spouse before their doctor. Only 5% of men will discuss their bedroom issues with their male friends 60% of men won’t visit their doctor for a serious health issue Silver Lining! 19% of men will go to the doctor to stop […]